Sega Genesis Console

Sega Genesis Console Description:

The Sega Genesis console was Sega’s fourth generation classic video game system. The 16-bit Genesis was released in 1988 in Japan under the name Sega Mega Drive. It arrived overseas in North America in 1989, renamed the Sega Genesis, before finally reaching Europe in 1990. It was Sega’s second home video game console, following the lackluster sales of the Sega Master System in Japan and the U.S. Sega wanted to capitalize on its new 16-bit architecture and compete with the SNES.

The Sega console went through many iterations as it got older, with a slimmer model dubbed Genesis 2 coming out a few years after the initial release and a budget version of the console dubbed the Genesis 3 coming out shortly after. In addition to the new models, Sega also release various add-ons for the Genesis, all of which supported their own game libraries. The Power Base Converter added backwards compatibility to the Genesis console, allowing gamers to play Sega Master System games, the  Sega CD allowed the console to play CD-ROM games and the 32X doubled the console’s power, allowing it to play specially-designed 32-bit games.

Sega Genesis Console Highlights:

  • 16-bit Sega Genesis game console
  • Multiple add-ons were developed, including the Power Base Converter, Sega CD and 32x
  • Power Base Converter added backwards compatibility to the console
  • Referred to as the Mega Drive in Japan
  • Video game highlights include Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic and Knuckles, Gunstar Heroes, Vector Man and Altered Beast

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