Super Nintendo Entertainment System – SNES Console

Super Nintendo (SNES) Console Description:

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was Nintendo’s fourth generation classic video game console. The 16-bit Super Nintendo (SNES) console was released in 1990 in Japan, ¬†arrived overseas in North America in 1991 and finally reached Europe in 1992. It was Nintendo’s second home video game console, following the success of the NES. Because of it’s Super FX chip, the Super Nintendo console was capable of running the first 3D graphics, astounding video game players and tech enthusiasts alike.

Due to its global success, the SNES console became the best-selling 16-bit system of all time, and continued to sell well into the 32-bit / fifth generation.

Super Nintendo (SNES) Console Highlights:

  • 16-bit SNES console
  • Capable of 3D graphics through Super FX chip
  • Most successful console of the fourth generation
  • Referred to as the Super Famicom in Japan
  • Video game highlights include Super Mario World, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid

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